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GPS tracking will allow you to monitor your employees and vehicles with assurance and confidence. Our Vehicle Tracking Systems feature a Global Positioning System (GPS) that utilizes satellite technology to pinpoint your personal vehicle or mobile fleet virtually anywhere anytime.
With our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems and our GPS Console you can track your asset 24/7. You can also record, store, and download up to 90 days of GPS tracking history.

  1. Exact address location – allows you to map areas and take action
  2. Track important cargo or other high value assets on demand – so you can do it on the go.
  3. Identify changes to delivery routes to better serve your customer’s needs
  4. View it all on Google maps for visual reference
  5. Receive notifications when a vehicle leaves a defined area
  6. Record mileage traveled and elapsed times at each location, and speed for actionable data
  7. Time and date stamp for every record for easy record keeping
  8. Over 80 different reports to analyze your business

In addition to saving time and money with job costs and payroll, we also made our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems compact, easy to install and use. With these features you will see why our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are the most advanced and cost-effective tracking systems on the market today.